Energy Saving Systems for Commercial Washers & Dryers

Reduce costs and energy consumption with ZERO out of pocket expense.

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Modernize your laundry facility and reduce your carbon footprint with Superior Laundry Systems!

Going Green has never been easier

Superior Laundry Systems specializes in helping commercial laundry facilities reduce their carbon footprint. All of our systems are designed to reduce water and energy consumption and ultimately reduce overhead costs. 

It all starts with a simple onsite audit where we examine your facility and identify areas where we can help. We take that information and craft a unique system designed to maximize your savings. We’ll even check with your local utility provider to see if you qualify for rebates or other financing options.

The whole process is easy and usually only takes a few days to complete.


Did you know that you can reduce hot water consumption by 86%?

Because cold water is necessary for the operation of an ozone laundry system, expensive hot water will be a thing of the past. Ozone laundry systems integrate directly with your water supply just before it goes into the washing machine, providing pure ozone on demand, at a fraction of the cost of gas heated water.

Cold water also means less damage to your linens, extending the serviceable life and lowering linen replacement costs.

Obtain a High Efficiency Dryer without the expense of total replacement

Replacing your old equipment can be expensive. What if you could have an energy efficient dryer without replacing it?

With the Bio-Therm, you get to convert your standard commercial gas dryer into an energy efficient modulating dryer saving between 15-30% gas consumption!


Enjoy an Energy Saving System with $0 out of your pocket

With a variety of financing options, Superior Laundry Systems is working hard to make energy efficiency attainable for businesses of any size. 

As proud members of PG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance Program, we will seek out all available rebates and cost-saving programs to assist you with financing your laundry facility upgrade.

Interested on getting an upgrade?