About Us


Superior Laundry Systems provides a path towards energy efficiency, backed by service and laundry expertise of Advantage Chemical. 

Founded by Scott Jonsson out of a desire to help laundry facilities reach their energy reduction goals, Superior Laundry Systems has been operating out of Northern California since 2018. Since then we have grown our customer base and seen tremendous opportunity throughout the region. We have helped organizations such as the SPCA of San Francisco reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on cleaning performance. Due to the high demand and success, Scott saw a need to expand further to help more customers. That’s why he partnered with Advantage Chemical, to bring energy-saving systems to more customers throughout the Western US. Utilizing Advantage’s vast network of service personnel, distributors, and industry expertise, Scott is now able to expand Superior Laundry Service’s network of utility partners. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide low or no-cost out of pocket systems to organizations that may have otherwise not been able to meet their energy consumption goals. 

We typically work in these INDUSTRIES


Health Care

Fitness Centers

Animal Care Center

Commercial Laundry