Obtain high efficiency with Bio-Therm



Bio-therm is an energy saving upgrade for commercial gas dryers that implements “Gas Stepping” technology which can help users realize significant savings. Your dryer maintains the same high-efficiency drying power you are used to, with much less natural gas. 

Simple configuration and controls allow you to set it and forget it. Plus, the Bio-Therm is backed by the same great parts and labor warranty you come to expect from Superior Laundry Systems. 


Benefits of Bio-Therm

The best thing about Bio-Therm is that it changes absolutely nothing about how you use your equipment. Nor does it require longer processing times or additional maintenance. You get to use your equipment just like always, with higher energy savings.

Additionally, even if this fails, your appliances will keep working. It is installed in a way where any failure in the system doesn’t compromise dryer functionality. This is particularly critical to commercial facilities where nothing is as unacceptable as equipment downtime.

Dryers are made up to 30% more efficient with Bio-Therm implementation. 

Key Features

  • High savings and low costs mean payback period is incredibly fast.
  • Maximum savings potential and flexibility due to intelligent programmable design.
  • Does not void manufacturer warranty on your existing dryer. Bio-therm connects directly to the gas line.
  • Safety controls can not be by-passed.
  • Two-stage valve/regulator design controls Hi/Low timing and lockouts.
  • Once set-up, there is no need for ongoing changes.

How Bio-Therm works?

By introducing modulating gas control to an existing commercial gas dryer, Bio-Therm more effectively regulates temperature and natural gas usage. The two-stage gas valve allows for alternating between high, low and off settings which is much more efficient than the traditional on(high)/off valve seen in more dryers. 

Similar to the Ozone Laundry System, the Bio-Therm is eligible for energy rebates and on-bill financing through participating utility providers. 

Are you interested in finding out how Bio-Therm can benefit you?